15 pictures that defined 2017

2017 has been quite the wild ride. We’ve had rogue world leaders, cataclysmic natural disasters and devastating terror attacks, but we’ve also had historic gay marriage votes, gobsmacking natural phenomenons and large-scale protests that united the whole world. It’s been quite the memorable year, for better and for worse.

But rather than getting into the nitty-gritty details of the news stories of the past, we’re here to show you some pictures that somehow, without saying a single word, defined the year. So, without further ado, scroll down to be reminded of the pain, merriment, confusion and hilarity that 2017 brought us all.

Donald Trump’s inauguration

Our first year of President Trump began on 20 January when the former reality TV star was inaugurated alongside Vice President Mike Pence. The new leader and his First Lady walked somewhat awkwardly alongside Barack and Michelle Obama as they headed to the Capitol to say their final goodbyes.

Trump inauguration
Credit: Getty

Women’s march

After President Donald Trump’s inauguration, women and men across the world took to the streets to protest the new leader’s anti-woman agenda. The Women’s marches, which took place all over the world, were some of the largest single-day demonstrations ever seen – and resulted in some fantastic signs.

Women's protest
Credit: @tea_and_ethos Twitter

Muslims pray at JFK to protest travel ban

When President Trump attempted to put through his first Muslim travel ban, people in John F. Kennedy Airport refused to sit down and be quiet. Roughly 200 Muslim New Yorkers and others of all backgrounds prayed and rallied to protest the order.

Muslims pray
Credit: Getty

The Oscars mix-up

A flustered Meryl Streep reacts to La La Land mistakenly being named best picture at the Oscars, somehow managing to wear the shock of the whole room on her face.

Meryl Streep reacts to Oscar mix-up
Credit: ABC

The Manchester bombing

The people of Manchester respond to the ISIS terror attack on their city with a sign that reads “ISIS don’t scare us! We’re Manc!” A bomb was detonated following an Ariana Grande concert, tragically killing 23 people – including many children – and injuring over 500.

Manchester sign
Credit: Getty

London Bridge attack

A third terror attack on home soil in less than three months put the British into mourning once again. However, many people heralded this picture of a man fleeing the scene with a beer in his hand, claiming it summed up the fact that the British would never bow to terrorists.

Man runs with beer
Credit: Twitter

Grenfell Tower fire

A blackened Grenfell Tower looms over a London Underground station and life goes on in London after 24-storey block became engulfed in a colossal fire that caused 71 deaths, including one stillbirth, and over 70 injuries.

Grenfell Tower
Credit: Getty

Charlottesville protests

Violence erupted in the town of Charlottesville on August 12 when white supremacists and neo-Nazis gathered for a rally over plans to remove a Confederate statue and were met by counter-protesters. James Fields carried out a vehicular attack on anti-hate protesters, killing one and injuring many more. This month, his charges were increased to murder in the first degree.

White supremacists
Credit: Getty

Solar eclipse

After their wedding ceremony, bride and groom Connie Young and Nathan Mauger led America in toasting to the first solar eclipse that had been visible across the entirety of the United States since 1918.

Solar eclipse wedding
Credit: Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Hurricane Harvey

One of the worst hurricanes in American history struck on August 17, wreaking devastation and taking the lives of dozens. The natural disaster was the costliest tropical cyclone on record, inflicting nearly $200 billion worth of damage. In the midst of the tragedy, one overwhelmed nursing home in Dickinson, Texas tweeted for help, posting a picture of their residents in deep water.

Hurricane Harvey
Credit: @DIVENDSMGR Twitter

North Korea’s missile program

All year long, people across the world were alarmed again and again by North Korea’s budding missile program. Kim Jong-un’s project saw rapid progress in 2017, with the country firing 23 missiles during 16 tests.

Kim Jong-Un watches missile
Credit: Getty

Las Vegas shooting

Americans were left in mourning after 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers on the Las Vegas Strip on October 1, leaving 58 dead and 546 injured.

Las Vegas shooting
Credit: Getty

The fall of Raqa

A woman cries as she looks at her house in Raqa on October 20, 2017, after a Kurdish-led force finally expelled ISIS from the northern Syrian city, a move that some heralded as being the end of the terror group. The city, which was the militant group’s central stronghold, saw some of ISIS’s most horrific abuses over three years.

Credit: Getty

Australian gay marriage vote

Tears of joy and jubilation were seen in December as Austalia became the 25th country to legalise gay marriage, after a historic landslide vote.

Australians celebrate gay marriage
Credit: Getty


The end of 2017 was defined by the #MeToo movement, which saw millions of women and men across the world make a stand against sexual assault. Time magazine named the silence breakers, including Ashley Judd and Taylor Swift, as their person of the year.

The silence breakers
Credit: Time magazine

What a year, huh? And doesn’t it seem crazy that it’s over already? Fingers crossed for a peaceful and happy 2018.


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