Supreme’s Stern pinball machine targets rare demographic of hypebeast pinball nerds

This is for all 12 of you out there

Stern, the leading authority on pinball machines, has partnered with Supreme, the brand responsible for the group of people you least want to encounter at a Yeezy pop-up shop, to bring you a gadget that marries both interests.

Supreme announced the collaboration through a promo video on its Instagram last night, which shows a sleek, glossy playfield, and the illuminated Supreme box logo everywhere. It also features an LED point screen flashing things like “Multiball is lit,” which I incorrectly presumed was use of popular youth slang, but is actually just a normal pinball term for when multiple balls are in play at once.

Spring/Summer 2018 Supreme®/Stern® Pinball Machine 📹 @kings0l0m0n

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Supreme fans should be thrilled about the addition of a new item to add to their collection of branded kayaks and axes, while longtime pinball enthusiasts are scratching their heads in their forums:

A price hasn’t yet been announced, but given that Stern pinball machines retail for around $6,000 to $8,000, we can probably expect that this one will cost way more. You think Supreme would be upstaged by a Ghostbusters pinball machine? I don’t think so. Since most people don’t own pinball machines in their homes, it’s certainly worth playing at least once for 25 cents a pop if you see it in any retail shops. It’s a fully functioning, playable game, and it’s definitely not as useless as a Supreme-branded brick.

Image: Supreme
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