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7 signs that you are absolutely in the right relationship

When it comes to settling down with a significant other, finding someone you have a connection with is only half the battle. Beyond that, you have to ensure that the pair of you have enough chemistry to actually sustain a healthy relationship – and that’s often where even the most promising-looking partnerships start to fall apart.

Thankfully, there are some very obvious signs that you’re making the right decision in your current relationship. Have a look down this list and see if you and your bae meet all these standards…

1. You feel totally chill in their company

Significant others shouldn’t just feel like a romantic companion; they should also be sort of like a best buddy. This means you feel comfortable not wearing any makeup around them, or talking to them about your biggest anxieties, or feeling the freedom to just let loose and be your truest, weirdest self when they’re around.

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2. You trust them with anything and everything

Worried about something at work? Need advice on a personal issue? Have something about the relationship you need to discuss? Your partner should feel like your confidant – someone with whom you can discuss any and all issues without judgment.

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3. Communication is never an issue

So many relationships end up breaking down because one person failed to talk to the other about their problems. If you don’t like something your partner does, you should feel comfortable enough to tell them. Likewise, you should never feel like they don’t text/call enough, and shouldn’t ever be put in a position where you feel ignored or neglected.

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4. You don’t have to ask for their time

In a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t ever have to ask your partner to spend time with you – they should just naturally want to do it. Obviously, sometimes serious commitments such as work will get in the way a little bit, but it shouldn’t be the case that they constantly prioritize other things over you.

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5. A quiet night in feels as good as a fancy date

Picture this: it’s a Saturday night, you’re sat on the couch watching Netflix, and your partner has just brought over a fresh bowl of popcorn (sweet or salty – whatever your preference is). Sounds good, right? If these times feel just as good as a dinner date or a night on the town, congrats! You’ve found yourself a good’un.

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6. They know exactly how to cater to your needs

There are so many factors that add up to what makes a good partner, but being a caring individual is certainly one of the main ones. If you’re feeling sad, or sick, or just a bit fed up with life, you should be able to count on your other half to be able to say or do the right thing to make you feel better – even if that means just giving you some space.

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7. You don’t question whether you’ve made the right choice

This is probably the most important item on the list. In relationships, it’s always a good thing to trust your gut. If it tells you that you’re a little worried about where the relationship is headed, then maybe you need to talk some things through with your partner before committing to anything serious. If you feel 100 per cent at ease, however, that’s a pretty good sign that you’re in the right place.

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Of course, no two couples are ever going to have the same standards in a relationship, but these points are just a basic guideline. If you can comfortably say that all these points apply to you and your other half, then you’re on your way to a happy and fulfilling relationship.

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