Snapchat now has Giphy integration and will introduce a Tabs function for Stories

Snapchat has launched a new feature that allows you to add Giphy animated stickers to your snaps, similar to the one recently added to Instagram Stories just a few weeks ago.

Additionally, Snap will introduce a new feature called Tabs, which will help users organize and see the Stories they want. Tabs, which is rolling out on the Friends and Discover pages, will allow users to sort through friends with active Stories, Group Chats, and Discover subscriptions.

To add GIFs to your posts, tap the Sticker icon and search for the image you want to add to a photo or video. You can scale the GIF sticker by pinching the screen with your fingers or add multiple GIFs. Also similar to Instagram, there’s an option to pin a sticker to something in your snap by pressing and holding the sticker to a spot in your video, and the sticker will move, rotate, or scale to whatever it’s pinned to.

Snap has recently introduced more features and updates as it battles anemic growth. Earlier in January, it introduced a major update to its Bitmoji app, allowing hundreds of new customization options. Snap says the Tab function will roll out “soon” on iOS, with Android to get the feature “in the coming weeks.”

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